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The hands-free face controlled mouse

"It benefits me by giving me the ability to play video games again."
James, United States
"Honestly it is better than the eye gaze that I have tried. That is USD 8000+"
Noah, United States
"This software benefits me with the ability to play everything I had to stop playing because of the loss of function."
Dylan, Canada
"Most first-person shooter games are very difficult to play with just my physical setup, but having the KinesicMouse helps with more key bindings."
Quoc, United States
Microsoft Kinect for Windows

Latest 3D technology

By using the latest Microsoft Kinect for Windows™ 3D camera technology it is possible track more expressions than with any 2D webcam *.

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beautiful female face with futuristic face tracking grid

Get full control

The KinesicMouse can read more than 50 signals from your face. You can assign these signals to trigger key strokes, mouse or joystick input.

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modern gamepad controller

More than a mouse

KinesicMouse gives you full control in your PC games. Emulate a fully featured joystick with 8 axis, 32 buttons and 4 point of view hats.

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Easy to use

The Kinesic Mouse does not require to place any reflective markers or other tracking aids on your face. Just sit in front of your Kinect sensor and you are ready to go.

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adjustable knobs and buttons


KinesicMouse is highly adjustable. Finetune every setting for your perfect fit and your set of profiles. Create even more powerful commands using macros.

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Try for free

You can try a fully featured version of the KinesicMouse for 14 days. No credit card or payment options are required to download the trial version.

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Latest News


Update v2.3.2 release

The new version v2.3.2 of the KinesicMouse is out now and ready for you to download. It now includes a network streaming feature. You can now run the KinesicMouse on a second computer and stream the data to your main PC. This will drastically reduce the CPU load on your main computer and you can use the KM in conjunction with speech recognition, games, and other CPU heavy applications. You may want to backup your settings before installing the new update!


Georg shares his KM experiences

Georg is from Germany and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). He cares a lot about assistive technology and accessibility in video games. In his opinion tools like the KinesicMouse are a neccessity to access computer games. Read his full, uncut commentary in the user story section.

portrait of Markus Proell "Hi, my name is Markus and I am the developer of KinesicMouse. With your feedback and on-going support we can build and shape this powerful tool together. Everyone should get the chance to access modern IT-systems and games – just like anyone else."

Markus Pröll, CEO & Developer

* Microsoft, Kinect and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.

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