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KinesicMouse user interface

The Future is now

The KinesicMouse introduces a leap in assistive technologies. Combined with the latest 3D camera technology the KinesicMouse is a hands-free input device for the most demanding tasks possible, developed and designed with attention to efficiency, maximum flexibility and ease of use.

Get control

Use the KinesicMouse for browsing the internet, productivity or computer gaming. Over 50 facial expressions can be assigned to trigger customized keyboard, mouse or joystick input.

Microsoft Kinect* sensor

The KinesicMouse uses the Microsoft Kinect for Windows 3D camera for face tracking. Place the camera anywhere in front of you and you are ready to go. No tracking aids like reflective stickers, caps or other head mounted devices are required.

modern racing game

Your games, your rules

The KinesicMouse is designed from ground up to control modern, state of the art PC games. Any game cotrolled with mouse, keyboard or joystick can be played using the KinesicMouse. Customize and develop your own control profiles for your favorite games and feel the difference!

More than just a mouse ...

The software emulates a full joystick featuring:

  • 8 axis
  • 32 buttons
  • 4 point of view hats

Customize your control layout by assigning any of the available control signals to trigger joystick inputs.

modern racing game

More value for your inputs with macros

Achieve maximum productivity in your daily work, apps and games by combining multiple inputs to one single powerful command. Take advantage of the included macro engine and give your signals even more value.

Control signal overview

Head Rotations:

  • rotation up
  • rotation down
  • rotation left
  • rotation right
  • tilt left
  • tilt right

Head Translations:

  • up
  • down
  • left
  • right
  • forward
  • backward


  • eye blink (left)
  • eye blink (right)
  • eye squint (left)
  • eye squint (right)
  • eyes left
  • eyes right
  • eyes up
  • eyes down


  • mouth left
  • mouth right
  • mouth frown (left)
  • mouth frown (right)
  • mouth smile (left)
  • mouth smile (right)
  • mouth dimple (left)
  • mouth dimple (right)


  • lips stretch (left)
  • lips stretch (right)
  • lips upper close
  • lips lower close
  • lips upper up
  • lips lower down
  • lips upper open
  • lips lower open
  • lips funnel
  • lips pucker


  • jaw chew
  • jaw left
  • jaw right
  • jaw open
  • jaw forward


  • brows down (left)
  • brows down (right)
  • brows up (center)
  • brows up (left)
  • brows up (right)


  • chin lower raise
  • chin upper raise
  • sneer
  • puff
  • cheeck squint (left)
  • cheeck squint (right)

* Microsoft, Kinect and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.

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