KinesicMouse 3.2.4 (released 2016/06/14)

  • The ClickSwitch window now correctly displays it's buttons when (un)locked.
  • The KinesicMouse now supports the the new Intel RealSense SR300 3D camera.
  • [Intel RealSense] Updated to the newest RealSense SDK (
  • [Orbbec] Updated to the newest Orbbec Astra SDK (v0.5.0).

KinesicMouse 3.2.3 (released 2016/03/11)

  • Fixed an issue where the application won't start. (A referral was returned from the server.)
  • Fixed an issue where the ClickSwitch window won't show after shutting down the PC while the KinesicMouse is running.
  • [Intel RealSense only] Updated to the newest RealSense SDK and Runtime.

KinesicMouse 3.2.2 (released 2016/01/12)

  • Signal groups can now be expanded/collapsed in the signal settings.
  • Signals can now be inverted in the signal settings.

KinesicMouse 3.2.1 (released 2015/11/04)

  • Tweaked head rotation signal filter for more stability and responsiveness
  • High precision mode has been added for targeting small UI elments with the mouse cursor
  • Keyboard shortcuts (including modifiers) can now be assigned in the keyboard settings
  • New signals added: mouth smile, eye blink (both)
  • New macro command: SENSORYSWITCH for interaction with "The Grid"
  • New macro command: SHELLCOMMAND to execute shell commands
  • New macro command: SOUNDEFFECT to play a soundfile
  • ClickSwitch, new feature that switches back to the Left Click if any other click type has been performed
  • Cursor speed is now normalized by the users Windows mouse pointer speed settings.
  • Tutorial when first starting the KinesicMouse
  • Privacy notification when first starting the KinesicMouse
  • The RealSense version now checks if the Intel Depth Camera Manager (DCM) service is running properly
  • Acceleration settings for joystick axes added.
  • Recenter can now be triggered via a signal
  • Check boxes from the settings menu are now bigger and have been aligned to the UI design.

KinesicMouse 3.0.1 (released 2015/01/27)

  • added missing .dll files that prevented images from loading

KinesicMouse 3.0 (released 2015/01/22)

  • new modern GUI design
  • infrared tracking mode (night vision)
  • supersampling of mouse cursor movements
  • suppression signal for relative mode
  • high precision signal filter
  • training of neutral face
  • performance improvements
  • fixed a bug where key assignments do not display correctly

KinesicMouse 2.3.2 (released 2014/11/17)

  • added tracked fps to main windows
  • added network stream feature

KinesicMouse 2.3.2 v2(released 2014/11/12)

  • added Kinect v2 support

KinesicMouse 2.3.1 (released 2014/10/31)

  • fixed a problem causing the key assignments to reset when loading a new profile
  • the second (unused) vjoy joystick is now set to a neutral position

KinesicMouse 2.3 (released 2014/10/16)

  • added an easy-to-use keybinding feature
  • added a recenter button to the main window
  • added a colored tracking indicator to the main window
  • the app will now only prompt once when there is an update available
  • fixed a bug in the macro engine that caused dropping some actions
  • pausing the simulation will now cause macros to end properly
  • some minor stability fixes

KinesicMouse 2.1 (released 2014/05/22)

  • added 6 new channels (head translations)
  • improved macro writing and entering hex for keycodes
  • adjusted levels in some range sliders

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