Frequently Asked Questions

Framerate below 15 fps

The Kinect V2 is capable of tracking with 30 fps. A higher framerate is usually better because the KinesicMouse is more responsive and you get less noisy signals. The framerate you get depends on the processing power of your PC and the lighting conditions in your room.

If the lighting conditions are low the Kinect will automatically switch to a 15 fps framerate to achieve a better exposure in the color picture. So you can either turn on some lights in your room or use the KinesicMouse in infrared (IR) mode. To switch to IR mode go to Settings -> System -> Kinect -> Infrared Tracking Mode (Night Mode). Adjust the brightness level so that your face is bright but all the details remain visible.

Tracking Fails (red smiley of doom)

So there are a few reasons why the tracking might eventually fail. Check these solutions to improve the tracking quality:

Camera placement and angle
Usually best results are achieved, when the camera is below the level of your eyes. If you have trouble with the tracking you can try a few different angles and distances. If you are wearing glasses or a ventilator mask you may want to consider an angle where the camera is looking down on your face.

Avoid any direct or indirect sunlight. Sunlight is so strong that if overrides the infrared emitted by the Kinect. Close the shades in the room to block any sunlight in the room.

Strong lights from behind
Avoid any strong light sources that cast shadows on your face. If there are strong lights behind you and your face is in the dark this will also cause the tracking to fail. Make sure that all backlights are off or use IR tracking mode.

Camera too close to your face
If the camera is too close to your face the depth sensing will fail. Check the depth stream for any red areas (Settings -> System -> Kinect -> Display depth stream). Also make sure that during head rotations there are no red areas in the region of your face.

Reflective materials
Bad news for anyone wearing a shiny latex suite, but reflective materials can cause problems with the infrared emitted by the Kinect. Make sure that there are no reflectors in the camera view.

Other IR emitting devices
You can use the KinesicMouse with other IR devices as long as they are in a different wavelength. Eyetrackers or head trackers are also based on IR. If you experience any problems make sure that those are off.

Backup KinesicMouse settings

In case you want to install an update of the KinesicMouse you may want to backup your settings and macros before uninstalling the KinesicMouse.

To do so you have to make a copy of two files called "settings_v2.xml" and "macros_v2.xml" located in:
C:\Users\[*YOUR_USERNAME*]\AppData\Local\Xcessity Software Solutions\KinesicMouse2
NOTE: The "AppData" folder is hidden by default.

Now uninstall the KinesicMouse and install the new update. When done just replace the installed files with your backup copy.

Where can I get the Kinect for Windows sensor?

That really depends on where you are living. Usually a good place to look for is Amazon. To reduce the shipping costs choose your local amazon version. Another option is your local Microsoft store. Microsoft does not offer the Kinect for Windows in every country, please check for yourself. Another option would be ebay, but be very careful to choose a serious reseller. We recommend comparing the prices since there can be differences. Please understand that we are not responsible for any shipping or Kinect sensor related issues.

Can I use the KinesicMouse waering a face mask or ventilator?

This question cannot easily be answered – it really depends. The KinesicMouse can track your face although it is partly covered. This will of course eliminate the facial expressions hidden by any device in your face. Watch the video below for a demonstration of the tracking robustness.

I have a desktop PC and a laptop, do I need to buy two licences?

No, the KinesicMouse licence is bound to the Kinect sensor. So you can use your licence key on any computer, just make sure to use the same Kinect.

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